Thursday, May 25, 2006

10 Words

I saw this over at Burfica's blog Don't Eat the Tomatoes. She gave me a letter and I'm supposed to come up with ten words that start with that letter & a short explanation of what that word means to me & how it relates to my life. So.... Burfica gave me the letter "D" and I thought about it for a few days and here's what I came up with. Here we go.....

1. Divorce - I think this one is self explanatory.

2. Delusional - I actually believe that one day my children will see the carpet in their room again when they clean it.

3. Dependable - If I'm nothing else, I am dependable. This could explain why everyone always wants to ask me to do things (bake sale, watch kids, etc) because they know if I say 'yes' they can count on me not retracting it.

4. Decadent - Referring to chocolate here - need I say more?

5. Demanding - Sometimes I feel life as a single mom is way too demanding. However, with lots of prayer & a little help from my friends, I muddle through.

6. Deadly - Ask any deer, me & my old Buick are a deadly combination. I'll admit, I haven't hit one in a long time but the three hits in three months still seems to qualify me as deadly when it comes to the deer.

7. Doughnuts - This sounds so silly but every time I smell fresh-made doughnuts I am reminded of when I was working a part time job at a bakery when Alien #1 was just old enough to start talking. I had come home from my 3am - noon shift & picked him up to go run some errands. I didn't bring home any doughnuts that day. The whole time Alien #1 kept saying, "Mama doughnuts" to which I kept replying, "No, sweetie. Mama didn't bring home any today." Finally at a long stoplight I turned around to look him in the eye and tell him one last time that NO I did NOT have any doughnuts (a little frustrated by this time). When I said my piece, he again said, "*sigh* Mama (big sniff like he's smelling something), doughnuts!" Ahhh... Mama finally understood - I SMELLED like doughnuts! Well, the way I remember it was cute, guess you had to be there.

8. Dirt - I love having a garden. Planting the seeds or plants into the ground and smelling the fresh warm dirt & feeling in my hands is one of life's' simple pleasures for me.

9. Dandelions - Call them weeds if you will but their sunny little faces are much welcome after the drab grey melting of the snow. I still pick them when they've gone to seed and make a wish before blowing the seeds into the wind. My boys call them wishing flowers.

10. Desire - There is a tremendous desire for my family and I to draw closer to the Lord daily. The stress going through a terrible divorce, my 3 car accidents, losing one family friend after another (5 in all) and then Grandma B, two near fatal accidents for my father, raising two children alone while working and going to school full time. If I didn't have God in my life, I simply wouldn't have made it through any of this. I'm not saying my life is any harder than anyone else's, as a matter of fact, by comparison my life is a lot easier than some people I know. I just have a tremendous desire for us to draw as close to God as we can, it's the glue that holds us together, mind, body & soul.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Finals are done!

Wow! It's been almost an entire month since I've posted! First off, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! With this last month full of studying & finals, it's been hard to post, but the semester is done! Finals are over!!! YEAH! Not to brag, but....... (here comes the bragging) I aced every class, ha! not bad for an old lady. ;) In all honesty, after being through such a bad marriage & with things being really rough trying to raise two kids on my own, I really felt I had to prove to myself I could do it. Now that I know I can, life somehow just seems a little brighter. I can raise two kids alone while working two part time jobs and attending college full time and still make the grade. I had to prove to myself I could make it.

Now, I'm packing to move. I found an apartment closer to school & work so the next month is going to be busy with weeding out the garbage, having a rummage sale & packing to move. Our new place is so much closer to the university & my work. I'm going from an hour drive to about 20 minutes each way - big difference. I'll also be so much closer to my friends which is great. The aliens will have a much better school district too so we all are better off.

So, I'll try to keep my blog updated a little better but no promises........ Hope everyone is doing well.