Tuesday, November 30, 2004

More snow

Weather man said we'd have light flurries with NO accumulation. Well Einstein, it took me 10 minutes to clean 3" of no accumulation off my car. It took me 50 minutes to make a 30 minute drive because the no accumulation hadn't been plowed off the roads and no accumulation was coming down so hard I couldn't see 3 car lengths in front of me. I think it would be time for the weatherman to quit his day job. I wouldn't recommend the psychic hotline as a replacement career either.

Trapping Wild Beasts

I wake at the crack of dawn to see my two kids staring at the closed desk drawer. They keep saying they can hear the mouse in there messing around. I tell them no, if it's in there, it's in the trap and it's dead.

To prove my superior intelligence, I open the drawer. There's the trap, upside down with a HUGE mouse caught in it's grips. I reach in to pick it up (careful not to touch the diseased beast) and as my hand gets almost to the trap, the mouse moves, I scream, the kids scream.

Hell of a way to start my day. So what do I do? I go downstairs and get the bigger of the two lesbians to come get the still squirming carcass out of my house for me.

I'm such a weenie.

Monday, November 29, 2004

The Great White Hunter

I went out today after work and bought the most expensive trapping equipment I could find. Four mouse traps for $1 at the Super $1 Store. Ha! I'm ready.

I baited the trap with the hairy beasts' favorite (or so I'm told) food, peanut butter. I set the trap. I carefully put it in the drawer where the pound of cat food was once stored by the creature. I start to shut the drawer and SNAP - dammit, it went off. Open drawer, reset trap, shut drawer more carefully, go to bed.

I am the great white hunter!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Blogs Of Note

Ever wonder how some of the stupidest blogs get listed on "Blogs of Note"? About half of them are pure stupidity. One recently was a listing of names that someone thought sounded "funny". I read them, not funny. As I update my blog, I go in and read other recently updated blogs. There are so many good ones out there. Some are funny, some serious, but lots of good ones.

Cat Food & Sofa Fluff

If you read back a couple of months, one of our hamsters was MIA for a week or so. We found it's hiding place in the sofa a couple of weeks back (long after it died and was buried).

Our cat has been going through food like there is no tomorrow and I can't figure out why she's so darn hungry all of the time. She's gone through about a pound of cat food in twice the time it normally takes her to eat it.

Tonight I open up my bottom desk drawer of my old wooden desk to pull out a little used floppy disc. That's when I saw it. The pound of missing cat food. At first I thought it's where the hamster made his cozy little home for a week then it dawned on me - the missing cat food. Holly hasn't been eating it, someone/something has been storing it for her!! Huston, we have a mouse. YUCK! I don't want mouse poopie in my desk!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2004

PIzza & A Movie

It has become tradition that when my sister comes up to visit, the boys and I go out for pizza and a movie with her. The kids get to pick the movie. Did we see Polar Express? No. Did we see The Incredibles? No. Christmas With the Kranks? Nope. What epic masterpiece did we spend our hard-earned money on?? Spongebob Squarepants. That's right folks, I spent 90 minutes viewing a brainless yellow sponge.

My advice, have a couple of drinks before you go see the movie, it's less painful that way. Also, if you happen to be a pink, male, starfish with very little brain, here's a tip: fishnet stockings and spike-heeled biker-chick boots don't scream macho if you know what I mean.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I got to see my sister for the first time in months and the boys loved visiting with Great-Granny. My niece announced her pregnancy (much to Great-Granny's surprise!). We had a great time. It was wonderful.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Let It Snow!!

Thanksgiving eve is here and we've already got 2" of snow on the ground. It's beautiful!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Chasing Wild Turkeys

Tip of the Day - Don't chase wild turkeys in wet grass.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What's for lunch?

My favorite little girl in my class has asthma and needs breathing treatments twice daily at school I got everything set up for her and was ready to leave her in the hands of my teaching assistant so she could take her nebulizer treatment & then lie down for nap. I had a long morning and was ready for my lunch break.

I tell her good-bye & I'll see her after nap. As I turn to walk away, C.B. reaches up and takes my hand. I look down at her and she's starting to cry. So, my special little sweetie sits on my lap, takes her meds and holds my hand the whole time while her head is resting on my shoulder.

I get her laid down for nap, put away her nebulizer equipment & look up at the clock. Just enough time to grab a sanck bar from the kitchen and clock back in. It was the best lunch break I've had in a long time.

So, what did you do for lunch?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Quick Updates

1. Sister got married to her boyfriend about a month ago in Costa Rica (his country of birth & for now, residency)

2. Niece, married 09.04.04 is now pregnant with child #2, congrats sweetie!

3. Decided to quit my job and go back to college full time starting January of 2005.

4. Mom had rotator cuff surgery and is recovering nicely.

5. The older son's report card came home 11.05.04 and he was in the "F" free zone this time.

6. Got an estimate on the deer remodel on my car, could be a total loss. :(

7. New brother-in-law may be bringing at least one of his children to the States with him when he arrives (hopefully) later this month.

8. Had a lunch date - it was awful. Won't go out with him again. Nothing like having him want to discuss sex over a FIRST date and at lunch no less....... it was terrible, horrible, gave me the creeps.

9. Made a new friend, a Lane Bryant model - she's not overweight for her height either, it's weird she models for big women's clothing. Either way, she's beautiful inside and out and I'm happy to have her as a new friend.

10. Still haven't heard from the police or DCFS regarding the abuse my children suffered at the hands of my ex-husband. Phone calls are not returned by either agency.

11. I have a hundred things to do to try to get stuff together so I can get back to college and I can't seem to get organized.

12. I spend entirely too much time playing Pharaoh and writing in this blog.

13. Dad would've liked to gotten the deer I hit with his shotgun instead. That way we could've eaten it.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Bubbles Returns Home

After serving out her sentence in the school-age classroom of the day care where I work, she has returned home. Reformed, no longer a killer in my children's eyes.

What actually happened is that she wasn't being taken care of by the teacher in the room or the children so I lied to her & told her my kids wanted the hamster back because they missed it so much. She let me take it home again.

Upon returning home, Bubbles was welcomed with open arms by both boys and is happily nesting back in her cage again.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Deer Hunting

I think if I hear one more joke about deer hunting from my co-workers, I'm gonna scream! Either they make a huge joke of it or gape in horror at the sight of my car (still road-worthy although missing most of the front bumper & grill). I still feel I am blessed. God saved me from a hundred things that could've gone wrong to cause me further injury.

I think I must be in mild shock still. It is funny to note that in talking with a co-worker about the accident, I was most ticked-off at the fact that the deer had the nerve to remove one of my two deer whistles with it's dead body. $3000 worth of damage to a car that is probably not even worth that much & I'm whining about $15 in deer whistles that don't even work in the first place? Guess you had to be there to see the humor in it.

Go GOP!!

I prayed that God would guide voters this election year more than He ever has before. My prayers were answered.

Most of the young girls I work with (many claiming to be Christians) are horrified that Bush won. I do NOT understand how you can claim to be a Christian and still vote for a Democrat. Maybe one day I will understand but as for now, I do not.

The mock election held in my son's 5th grade class put Bush as the winner before 3pm yesterday. Wise children. My son was very excited to be able to take a peek inside the voting booth (a REAL voting booth!!!) when I went to vote last night. The men and women running the show there were pleased to see someone so young have such an interest in the whole process.

The kids then waited in the car with my father who drove me there (after hitting the deer, I was left with only one headlight on my car & the rest of the bumper, lights & all are strewn all over the highway). As you leave, those who vote know, you get a little "I Voted" sticker to wear. As it was late & the polls were close to closing, she gave me a couple of stickers for "those darling future voters" I had waiting outside for me. The kids thought it was great!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Two Deer in the headlights....

... but I only hit one.

I did it. After living my entire adult life (and most of my childhood) in Northern Illinois, I finally polished off one of the natives with my 1992 Buick.

It's rutting season, for those who don't have hunters in the family, the deer are mating this time of year and have more hormones running through them than a bunch of high school kids on prom night. This also means they are all over the place and you will frequently spy them (hopefully) at the side of the roads.

Not tonight. I hit that sucker and WHAM! Bambi was dead. I was very lucky. The larger of the two (both were does) escaped which means I only hit an average sized doe. I saw them in time to slow down so the impact wasn't as great but I'm gonna be sore tomorrow for sure.

Thank you God for looking out for me tonight. There are a hundred things that could've happened to make this accident deadly for me, but, it wasn't. My car is pretty badly damaged and as old as it is will probably be totaled, true. I am alive, I walked away. My children weren't in the car when it happened. People were nearby to help me out right away.

The best news of all - I still got to the polls in time to vote for George W. Bush!

God is GOOD. Thank you for keeping me in one piece. Thank you for keeping my children out of the whole thing.