Sunday, July 17, 2005

PC Problems & other stuff

Sorry I haven't posted lately, I've been having a heck of a time staying online, pc trouble. Not much has changed weather-wise, it rained on the 4th and it rained last Tuesday a little.

The aliens are enjoying their summer vacation - spending lots of time playing with neighborhood friends and swimming at the local pool.

I got my college acceptance letter last Friday so I'm really excited about that.
I have to go get financial aid stuff finished off this coming week and then the first week in August is orientation for classes & I'll be starting back full time when the kids go back to school.

I'll try to catch up on everyone's blogs when the moody little computer elf living inside my pc gets over her PMS.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Alien #1

Happy 11th birthday to my oldest alien........ I can't believe he's this old already. In honor of his birthday, my post is in red, his favorite color.

This is also the one year mark on my blog - when I started it, I never really thought I'd keep up with it as well as I have. Who knew?

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Belated Happy 4th to All!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July - ours turned out to be great. It didn't start our that way, it rained on our parade - literally. We've had no rain for over a month and what happens? About 3:30 in the morning of July 4th we get massive thunderstorms that last until almost 6am.

It clears off for a couple of hours & we cook out with the folks, then about 12:30 a light steady rain starts up again until almost 1:45 pm. Cool - rain stops and parade goes on as planned at 2pm. At 2:10 it starts to drip a few minutes later it's a steady drizzle that contines the entire 1 1/2 hrs of the parade. Did it dampen the spirits in our small town?? NO WAY! We all sat there in the rain enjoying the nice cool air for once and celebrating our country's birthday! Floats, marching bands, military units & clowns paraded on & we had a GREAT time!

It stayed dry throughout the afternoon & we were able to go to the carnival & blow a few bucks, fireworks went on as scheduled that evening. We put on a pretty impressive display for a small town. The aliens & I had a fantastic time. Hope everyone else had as much fun as we did.