Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Guess who got a new digital camera for Christmas! After chasing the family around all day with it, I finally got a chance at the cat. She's a little shy and it was hard to get a picture of her. Her mask is so dark, it was impossible to get a picture of her beautiful blue eyes. I was lucky to get her to sit still long enough to get a cute pose.

Anyway, this is Holly, resident cat & bed warmer. Santa brought her to us three years ago for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What is your Christmas like?

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Christmas Story
Loving, fun, and totally crazy.Don't shoot your eye out!
What Movie Is Your Christmas Most Like?

Holly Kitty

I love our kitty Holly. She's cute and lovable, sometime too much so. I've been sick as you all know who have read this blog recently. Holly gets extra-snuggly when she senses someone is out of sorts or sick.

Having a bit of a fever at night, I've been tossing a bit in my sleep which makes it nearly impossible for lover-kitty to stay perched on my back, side, stomach (whichever side is up). So she decided to curl up by my head/neck area.

She'll snuggle up as close as she can with her back to me, get her little feet under herself, dig her claws into the bedding and shoves herself up against me until she has succeeded in physically attaching herself to me. Only then does she settle down to purr for the next hour or so.

I love my kitty.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sick again, dang

Well, it hit me again today, sore throat & raging fever so I guess I'm not over this yet. I'll be calling the doc in the morning, again....... for meds, again. I can't be sick - I have Christmas shopping to do! Ah, well..... maybe after a few more days in bed....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's been cold here

We've warmed up to a sizzlin' 20 degrees today & a storm front has come thru the area and we're getting major snow, about an inch an hour in the thick of it. We'll have a total of 3 - 5 when it's all done. That's not too bad although you never know how much snow will really pile up until it's all over with....... reminds me of a really bad joke from high school..... hehehe better keep that to myself.

It's 1:15 am....

...and I've just finished my final term paper to hand in this morning at 10:00 am. Then it's all done for 5 glorious weeks!!

That means I get to clean my house which has been in dire need of a revamp for a long time. No time to clean with all the homework (mine & the kids).

Well, I'm off to get a couple of hours of sleep before getting the aliens up for school tomorrow.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Scarlet Fever

Yep! That's right, the campus doctor ran every test he could order on me & that's what he came up with - I have scarlet fever. I freaked out! I didn't know people even got that anymore. I assumed it was one of those illnesses that modern medicine had eradicated from the planet.

It turns out, Scarlet Fever is a strep infection with a secondary infection causing a rash. Either way, I've felt like crap for two weeks and now know why.

Thank you God for a doctor not afraid to be aggressive with the meds. Because he gave me a slamming good Rx (love the Z-Pak), I'll be doing great by Monday for my final exams, not home sick begging my professors to reschedule my exams for me.