Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great summer. I haven't posted in forever - between moving & trying to get the aliens registered in a new school district, it's been a little busy at my house.

I'm now 20 minutes from work/campus, not an hour and the aliens have gone from being in one of the worst school districts in the state to one of the best. The aliens started back to school last week, it was my turn this week. University classes started up full swing yesterday and I'm on day two of classes and already I can feel the sleep deprivation kicking in!

I managed to help both aliens get their homework finished off last night but by the time the dinner mess was cleaned up & they were asleep, I was ready to drop. It didn't help that alien #2 is breaking out with hives of a mysterious origin which prompted a run to the ER (no urgent care facilities around here) to get something better than Benedryl to help clear it up. We get to the ER & my choices are steroids (NOT) or Benedryl. So I choose the Benedryl. The Doc also gave my little alien something unexpected - Pepcid! It seems that it has antihistime properties that "work on a different level than Benedryl" as the Doc puts it. So....... the Rx he wrote is for Pepcid & Zyrtec (a heavenly allergy medicine - doesn't make you sleepy). Hopefully this will keep the itchies & scratchies at bay until we can find the cause of the problem.

Alien #1 is growing again - well, at least his feet are. He turned 12 in July and his feet are now a mens size 11! The scary part is the doctor keeps telling me he'll "grow into" his feet. What does this mean? A 7'3" kid????? YIKES!!!

The resident cats, Holly and Charlotte "Twinkles" are enjoying their new, more spacious home. We are having problems with Charlotte refusing to use the litter box. If anyone has any tips or tricks to fix this problem, I'm open to suggestions...... actually, I'm begging for help on this one. I'm using an all-natural plant extract solution in their water to alleviate anxiety (due to the move) and the pet soils cleaner from the pet store to clean where she is doing her messes. I don't know what else to try - help! I don't want to have to get rid of alien #2's new kitten.

I hope everyone out there in blogger-land is doing well & with summer winding down, I hope to catch up on all your blogs soon.