Friday, January 30, 2009

Sugar, Quinn,Cold, & other stuff....

Rod Blagojevich has been impeached and Illinois now has a new leader, Gov. Patrick Quinn. Most politicians in Illinois seem to be crooked, that should scare you considering where our new president hails from. Let's hope he's above the garbage most Illinois Democrats seem to pull.

Sugar is home & feeling great. She also has a new tattoo! The new universal symbol that a female cat has been spayed is a green line tattooed on their belly right next to the incision. It looks really funny. Poor kitty has her little pink tummy shaved bald & then they ink a green line on her. Does this make her a "marked woman"????

It's still cold outside & I'm sick of it. This is day 7 or 8 (I've lost count) of below freezing weather. The longest on record for this area of Northern Illinois. There is something to be said for NOT holding the record for some things.

My student loans came in this morning! YEA! The gas company called about 30 minutes ago to let me know my bill was past-due. Thanks Ni-Cor Gas for bursting my bubble and ruining my moment of joy.

Hopefully that computer & laptop I wanted will still be on sale at Wal-Mart. They're last years' models & not the greatest, but they are new and will work for what I need. If my student loans had come in on time, I'd already be blogging on my new computer from home. They were an excellent sale price of $348/unit for a Compaq system. Not necessarily my first choice of brands, but it will do for what I need for a couple of years until I can get a really nice computer.

Since I'm feeling rich for the day, I'm going out to eat with the aliens tonight. That should thrill them. When I ask where they want to go, I already know the answer "McDonald's!!!". Yuck. We will not be eating at McGreasy's tonight or their neighbor's Blubber King. Maybe the nice little Tex-Mex place in town..... hmmmmmmmmm. We'll have to see, so many choices.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sugar kitty

Our sweet new kitten, now almost 8 months old is getting spayed tomorrow. Thank GOD! I am truly thankful to Him for making this happen.

A local animal shelter is giving out vouchers to cover most of the cost. So, having kitty spayed is only going to put a $60 dent in my pocket (as opposed to $250 or more).

Sugar went into heat a few days ago & I haven't slept in three days. She's got that awful caterwauling that will shatter glass. For those of you who have never heard a cat in heat, imagine putting kitty's head in a vice. Now, slowly peel it's skin off while it's alive. THAT is what a cat in heat sounds like.

I know it sounds gross and i would NEVER harm any animal, just trying to give you an idea of the horrid sound I listen to all night long. One more night of this noise, just one more night. I can't wait for Thursday night, I can sleep.


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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

My Monday started Sunday night.

Living in a house with two other people who all have ADHD, it's no wonder that over the course of a year, we have lost all three keys to our front door. No biggie, there is a door that goes into the kitchen from the garage. I've never had a key to it & only lock it at night anyway. So, we've been just using that door to come & go. No problem. Until Sunday evening......

Had a wonderful day at my parents' house with the kids, Great-granny, Mom, & Dad. Arrived home about 5pm. Pull into the garage, go to open the door and the knob comes off in my hand. What the heck?! I try for about 20 minutes to fix the dang thing so we can go inside, I'm tired, cold and have a headache. No luck.

I call my best friend & she thinks she has a spare key at her house. We drive 45 minutes to her house, pick up a random bunch of keys, one looks like it may be mine. We drive back home, try all the keys, nothing. Not one key works.

I call the landlord & proceed to lie & tell him the key got locked in the house. No luck there, he's in Chicago, 2 hours away. Crap.

I back the car up, turn on the headlights, and go back to messing with the broken doorknob. God had mercy on me & I managed to get it open in about 10 minutes. I told the kids to bring in the good from the car, turn off the headlights, and come inside. We ate dinner, rest of the evening was great.

I get out to the car on Monday morning & find the battery dead. Crap again. Dad to the rescue, he comes to charge my battery. We finally figured out that the kids turned on the dome light to see where the button was to turn off the headlights. The dome light however, was left on all night.

I was really ticked off at the time, but now it's just funny. However, I still have to fix the doorknob. I'll need to buy a new screwdriver first, kids lost all of mine. Oh, well, gotta love 'em.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Don't poke your classmate in the butt......

I really have no idea what this guy in my class was thinking, I think he's nuts but, I'll let you be the judge. Here's the situation.....

Last Wednesday, our only night class this semester, I'm sitting in class taking notes as best I can in the dark without my glasses. It's just over an hour into our 2 1/2 hour class and I'm starting to fidget.

I lean forward to about half-way lay on the table to take notes when the guy sitting next to me whispers, "What's this?" I turn to face him just in time for him to poke me just above my butt crack! I almost died!

I turned so red the professor probably saw the red glow in the back of the room. I can't believe I didn't scream I was so startled.

Apparently, when I leaned forward a bit, my shirt rode up & my jeans slid down just enough that about 2 inches of skin were showing (not usual for me at all!) and this dork takes advantage of the situation. Apparently, he didn't realize that poking a very jumpy, self-conscious woman 15 years his senior might get more of a reaction than he bargained for!

I wanted to slap him but by the time the shock wore off, it was a little late to do so. So, tell me.... what possesses a man to even THINK poking a classmate in the butt during a lecture is a good idea???

I will never understand men.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bet you thought I died...

I bet just about everyone who ever used to read this has probably dropped off the planet or died by now it's been so long since I've posted anything.

I'm in my final academic semester at the university, I will be student teaching in the fall of 2009 - I can't wait.

My aliens are growing like weeds, still... nothing like having children that tower over you.

Our home was enlarged by four little paws last Thanksgiving, our new baby is named Sugar. Our other two cats, Charlotte & Holly tolerate her most of the time.

Is this not the cutest little face you've ever seen? She's so cute but such a little pain in the butt sometimes.

Her favorite spot to get into is the fridge. We didn't figure this out until after she got stuck in there the first time. The aliens & I hadn't seen her in a couple of hours so we started looking for her. I finally gave up & went to get a drink iced tea from the fridge. I open it up and guess what? A kitty! I think she must have been there for at least two hours & was moving kinda slow. Once she warmed up, she was back to her normal self.