Monday, July 14, 2008

Still alive & kickin...

Well, we're still alive & kickin here. It's been a busy summer & every time I have something interesting to blog about, I'm just too tired to do it.

Been working lots of hours which sucks for a relaxing summer but the bank account (and landlord) are happy about the size of my checks. We finally got Dad to clean out Grandma's house. She is in a group home setting due to memory problems & age (92 & counting). Of course, Grandma wanted the grandkids to have as much of the furniture, etc. as we needed so that was fantastic for me - I now have a washer & dryer again. No more laundromat!! YES!

Alien #1 turned 14 this month & is pushing 6' tall. It's hard to believe he's that old. I swear it was just a couple of years ago he was a baby. Alien #2 is catching up to big brother in size, he's 11 years old & is over 5'3" now. I'm amazed how they both seem to grow overnight sometimes.

My younger sister & her family are visiting her in-laws in Costa Rica for a month & checking on their property down there. While they're away, we're babysitting their 6 month old pit bull, Manchita & Fang the ferret. This is in addition to our two cats, two hermit crabs, & two fish. It's like a small zoo at my place once you add in my aliens! It's great fun having the puppy around but a bit tiring too. She has to "go" every morning the minute I get up. I'm up at 5am for work & need my shower first. Well, not anymore. Puppy gets to go potty before I do now. Oh, well, she's way too cute to care too much.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer & I hope to blog a bit more frequently.