Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!!

Also, happy birthday Mom! The kids and I had a beautiful day outside, they got to play outside most of the day with friends and then I took them trick-or-treating with the little girl across the street. The three of them had a wonderful time and they all remembered to say their "thank-you's" before they left each home. I was very proud of all of them.

We took a quick trip over to see my parents and wish my mom a happy b-day. She's recovering from rotator cuff (sp?) surgery she had last Tuesday. She seems to be doing alright but she's going to be off work for about 6 - 8 weeks.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Halloween Parties & a Parade

Today was the Halloween party for my preschool class, we sugared them up played some games, sugared them up some more, had some lunch & as they were going down for naps, I made my getaway!

I took a half day off of work today to go see the Halloween parade my younger son's elementary school. I arrived home in time to catch a quick nap before I had to take off for the school. It was so much fun for the kids!

All the children, Pre-K to 2nd grade, paraded around the school grounds with parents standing on both sides of them waving and cheering as children they knew proudly marched past wearing their costumes. One of the teachers even dressed up as Ace Freely from Kiss!!! He looked pretty good in the costume too (wonder if he does that on the weekend for his wife???)

I was really wonderful to be able to sneak out of work and do something so small that meant so much to my son. The boys were both thrilled that I also was home earlier to spend more time with them.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

French Fries

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You're French Fries!!
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Friday, October 22, 2004

Wild Animal Trainer

My job title has been officially changed. I am no longer a preschool teacher, I am a wild animal trainer.

In the blink of an eye, three of the boys in my room went from being "normal" four year old boys to a brawling ball of teeth and fists. Child #1 hit child #2 in the eye. Child #3 was bitten by child #1 in the chest. I put them all three in time out and as I was assessing injuries, the mother of child #2 (eye injury) walked in to drop off something that was forgotten at home. I hate when that happens.

TGIF! And a payday to boot. I need a nice relaxing weekend after today.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Killer is GONE!

Well, one of the teachers at the preschool where I teach, took the "evil killing machine" AKA: Bubbles. The kids at school love her. My kids are thrilled she's gone for good. I couldn't care less.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Flushing Toilets & Washing Machines

Well, they've gone from flushing the toilet continuously to running the washing machine at 6 am everyday. Either way, it pulls all the water pressure out so I've got a trickle of water to shower in. If they keep this up, I'm going to make them miserable doing it.

They enjoy staying up half the night. I'll start getting up at 5 am every day if I have to - they'll have to get up after only a couple of hours sleep everyday to pull their childish crap with the shower on me. Eventually they'll get tired of it. Besides, getting up an hour earlier in the morning will allow me to get some stuff done around home before work.

Monday, October 18, 2004

The Lesbians Strike Again!

Well, I knew it. They're at it already. The lesbian that is the "man" in the relationship is the one causing the problems. She's bi-polar, an alcoholic, and has drug problems. Her mental state is bad enough, she's collecting disability from the state. So, the state of Illinois is supporting her drug & alcohol addictions. My tax money at work.

Anyway, she started of with waiting until I got into the shower this morning and then after I was about half done with my shower, she continuously flushed their toilet downstairs so I had zero water pressure to rinse off all the soap with. Jerk.

I then went out to my car - she strikes again. This is a very small town. I leave my car unlocked at night. Not anymore. They got into my car, emptied the backpack I carry my teaching supplies in all over the front seat of the car, twisted the rear view mirror until it almost came off and turned my sons' car seat upside down in the back seat. How childish can you be?

I'll be locking my car from now on. Jerks.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Throwing Marbles

Son #2 thought it was a good idea to launch glass marbles at son #1. This is not a good idea when son #1 is standing in front of the window. Glass marbles will put a 2" hole through a cold, cheap, glass window. Not a good thing at this time of year in Northern Illinois.

My landlord is gonna love me.........

Thursday, October 14, 2004

KIssing frogs.......

I now know why I haven't found Mr. Right. The average woman kisses 79 men before she gets married. Well, I added up the guys I've dated and therefore, kissed. I added a few to make it a nice round number. I doubled it. I added a few more that I wished I'd kissed/dated, and still came up with less than half of the number of men I needed to kiss before getting married. That explains why I'm divorced. I didn't kiss enough frogs - I just married one. Darn! Now I've got to go back to kissing frogs...... oh, well, only 44 more frogs to kiss..........

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Boys have cooties & smell funny

Just wondering, which one is nastier:

A) Wearing the same pair of underwear for 2 weeks.
B) Wearing clean underwear everyday and leaving the dirty ones stuffed under your bed for the entire 2 weeks.

In my opinion, it's equal. My son however, thinks it's funny. Little boys have cooties and smell funny......... now I know why.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Of all the things I've lost......

.... Appliance-wise that is....... I miss my microwave the most. I can suffer through without a coffee maker, I've lived without a pizza oven, had to do without a toaster for awhile before. However, I didn't realize how much I use my microwave until now. I can't make any popcorn. I have to actually PLAN meals & lay the meat out to thaw in the fridge 2 days ahead of time. I have to cook my rice on the stove - I can't throw it in the microwave & go do other things. Now I have to stand & stir it so it cooks evenly & doesn't stick to the pan. This stinks! Oh, well - I guess I could always put it on my Christmas list right under "cabana boy"........... I probably won't get one of those from Santa either, darn!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Funeral

Because of finances, I couldn't attend my Great-Uncle Randall's funeral yesterday. It was in Southern Illinois and I just couldn't afford the gas to drive all the way down there in my old gas-eater car, not at $2.09/gallon.

However, there was a funeral I did attend, an unplanned one. We buried Cuddles under a special tree in my parents yard this afternoon. Grandma helped dig the hole and the boys placed Cuddles in her little cardboard box into the hole. We covered her over, said a prayer and marked the grave with a stick. Next Spring the boys will be planting a special flower garden around the tree for her.

Bubbles, on the other hand, is being given away. The children are so angry with her that they don't even want her in the house anymore. A friend of my niece is going to come pick her up on Wednesday (hopefully) and then we will be hamster-less again. I don't know if the boys are ready to replace their beloved Cuddles yet or not. We'll see.

Bubbles is a murderer

It was a crappy way to wake up this morning - son #1 screaming that Cuddles (hamster #1 & also the escape artist) had been killed by Bubbles (hamster #2). I came into the kitchen to find poor little Cuddles dead and more blood in her fur than I imagined could be in that little body. I wanted to cry, it was awful! The kids were horrified that one animal could do that to another one. They still put human emotions into their pets minds and hearts. Therefore, Bubbles is a heartless, cruel, murderer in their eyes.

Bubbles is the hamster that no one can even touch because she's so easily scared. Cuddles, now deceased, was the favorite hamster that they always played with, the one they got "hamster kisses" from. For those not savvy about hamsters, kisses would be when their little noses wiggle and make their whiskers tickle your cheek.

We all crawled into my bed and there the boys cried their little hearts out for almost an hour. Finally they got up and went to play with Legos but they're pretty angry at the remaining hamspter and want to do it bodily harm for killing their favorite little fuzzy friend.

Now what to do? They want to get rid of Bubbles, I don't blame them. Then there's the impending funeral for the recently departed Cuddles. Why me? Why me?

Saturday, October 09, 2004

1st the VCR, now the microwave!

Well, crap again. First the VCR craps out on me and eats a couple of tapes from the video store now I try to cook up a late night snack for myself and the stupid microwave starts to glow inside & then starts smoking!! Now I'm without my favorite cooking tool. Poop.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Do hamsters swim?

My kids were on their way to give the hamster a bath in the tub when I stopped them. She hadn't had a bath in the 3 weeks or so that we'd had her so they decided she stunk & needed a bath. I talked them out of it (thankfully!). But, the whole thing made me wonder, do hamsters swim???

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Uncle Randall

Rest in peace Uncle Randall, you will be missed by all. I love you.

Stupid VCR

Well, I got the rented tape out of the VCR but it's still broken & I can't get it to work. After taking the case off the machine to get the tape out, I thought I might see something stuck in there that I could mess with and fix but, honestly, there's not a lot to the inside of the stinkin' thing. Oh, well, at least the rented tape is out and has been returned to the video store.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Things are looking up, kinda, maybe, who knows?

It's been quiet the last couple of days at work. I'm still finding it difficult to handle some of the petty garbage that seems to spew out of this place. What is helping is my cold is finally waning and the meds the doctor has me on force me to bed by 9 pm every night so I've been getting more sleep. The fact that I'm getting more sleep has helped improved my outlook on things, not so tired & stressed feeling all the time. I have my moments though.

Finances are still a big mess and I keep praying for a better job offer to come along however, the new day care that was opening in a nearby town turned me down. I really wanted the Assistant Director position, I think I'm just burned out on teaching. More accurately, I'm burned out on dealing with immature co-workers. They're all so young and know EVERYTHING (they think) it makes work difficult most days. Anyway, I couldn't get out of work to go to a second interview for the job so, obviously, they hired someone else.

Already getting sleepy - what a boring post tonight.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

All is quiet

All is quiet in the house right now. The kids are in bed, asleep. The cat is happily munching on my favorite plant, the hampsters are all snuggled down waiting for the lights to go out so they can play. I've got a million things running through my mind and I'm too tired to put any of them down here. So, I'm off to bed. Hopefully to sleep. This new medicine is supposed to make you drowsy but then one of the side effects listed is possible sleeplessness - HUH? Which is it? Sleep or not? So far I notice it making me sleepy about an hour after I take it but then I wake up 6 hours later and am wide awake. Ah, well....... it's off to bed for now.

It's over, finally!

I am sooooooo thankful this weekend is done! It was dangerous to even venture out of your own yard this weekend. My car almost got hit 3 different times by people dodging around slower cars. While crossing the road, my kids and I almost got hit by a woman pulling away from a stop sign while digging (and looking) in her glove box. The streets have been parked full of cars on both sides for 6 blocks in every direction from the town square making it nearly impossible for two cars to pass one another on the narrow little streets of our town. However, it's finally done, it's over for another year.

I am disappointed that the kids and I couldn't do more. As it was, I took money I couldn't really afford to spend and went to the festival with them. I was broke and shouldn't have done it but we really needed some family fun. We haven't been able to afford to do anything as a family in months.

Of course the kids had to have something to bring home. What do they pick??? A marshmallow shooter. Yes, they actually make these things. It consists of pieces of PVC pipe and a few elbow joints connected together to make a blow-gun with miniature marshmallows for ammo. You get the shooter and a zip-loc baggie with about 2 dozen marshmallows for $5.00 - I can't believe I let them talk me into spending my hard earned cash on PVC pipe and marshmallows. However, the fun they've had with the silly things has been well worth the cost, and ammo is cheap and readily available at any supermarket. They will definitely get $5 worth of fun out of them. They're happy so I'm happy.

I'd better not get awakened to a marshmallow pelting.........

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Population has doubled, maybe tripled

This weekend is the annual fall festival in my little town of 4100 people and the population explodes on these two days. It's a lot of fun and a local castle has a medieval fair too...... lots of good food and fun for the kids, tons of fall crafty stuff. Another festival designed to suck money out of the pockets of the people attending the festivities. But it's good, clean family fun so I guess we'll go. Actually, we can't really avoid it - there's stuff everywhere!