Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mourning Our Losses

By now, most of the nation has heard of the lone shooter that took the lives of five Northern Illinios University students on Valentine's Day. Our entire community is in shock that anything like this could ever come to our sleepy little area of the midwest.

Thursday, Feb 14, 2008
Usual morning, kids off to school & then in to work at the library on campus.
10:30am - annoying "Happy V-Day" text from crazy classmate
10: 47 am - another annoying "Happy V-Day" text from former classmate that only calls every 3 months when she's having boyfriend problems.
11:00am - call from the school, Alien #2 trying to get me to come pick him up from school because he's 'gonna puke'. This is his lame attempt to get me to pick him up because he just doesn't want to go back to school after being home sick for 2 weeks, who can blame him?
1:30 pm - clock out & go upstairs to the computer lab to study.
2:45 pm - leave campus to go pick up Alien #2 from school & go get dinner.
3:08 pm - ignore call from crazy classmate who sent text message at 10:30am
3:20 pm - arrive home & listen to voicemail from crazy classmate only to find her screaming hysterically about leaving campus & wanting to know where I was. As I'm listening to the message trying to figure out what caused her to go off her nut this time, best friend & boss calls so I answer it.

"Home, just walked in with the kids, why?"
"We're in lock-down, there's a reported shooter on campus! Lock your doors & stay home tonight! I've tried to get through to you on my cell for 15 minutes! I'll call you when we're off campus & headed home."

The line goes dead. I just stare at my phone in disbelief........

A lone gunman took the lives of five NIU students before killing himself last Thursday just after 3:00pm. There is not one person among us that has not been touched by this horrific tragedy. I won't rehash what is already in the news.

All I ask is this: Please pray for the families of the dead and injured, yes, this includes the family of the shooter. They are still on this earth and need prayers to come to grips with what their child has done. Pray for those of us blessed enough to be here to remember that terrible day, especially those students who were wittness to the carnage and aftermath. Pray for our community to heal. Thank you. God Bless you all.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm Still Alive!

I haven't died - I'm sure my neighbors wish I would. Garbage has gotten so bad with them that I've had to call the police on them. The police are working with the landlord to hopefully get the nut jobs out of the place.

We finally got grandma into an assisted living facility after much trouble. At almost 92 she didn't want to live with a bunch of "old" people. She has trouble remembering her own name - she has no business living on her own & driving. It's been a big stress for all of our family.

ADHD has been taking it's toll on my nerves. It's been a battle to get a medication adjustment for the kids.

Alien #2 is falling further behind at school & I'm having a battle to my child the education he has a right to get. It's too much for me to try to make up for the teachers' failure by homeschooling him in the evenings & on weekends. His meds have worn off by then & his nerves are shot from trying to keep it together at school all day.

Classes are going well but crazy weather has closed the university twice this semester which has put us behind in all my classes. Now coursework is piling up. Add that to the lack of peace & quiet at home due to the neighbors, getting homework done is near impossible.

We now have hermit crabs living at our home - Mr. Crabs & Hermie - pictures soon to come. Aliens can't figure out why I like these little critters but can't stand spicers.

Almost have the landlord talked into letting us have a dog.

Still waiting for internet access at home - crappy weather is a huge hold up on that one. As soon as I get the cable hooked up I can update my blog more often.

Home everyone is doing well - have a great weekend!