Friday, July 24, 2009

Just a question

I know there aren't many who read this blog, but for those of you who do, I have a question.

Some friends & classmates and I were discussing the pros/cons of the "friends with benefits" thing. All individuals were/are currently unmarried, some divorced, some never married & one was widowed. The age range was 23 - 50+ years and was mostly women, only a few men & they were younger. I felt as though most of those involved were saying what they wanted other to hear, not their real thoughts/feelings/opinions. As I sat & listened to the discussion, there seemed to be no real truth coming out of anyone. I thought if I posed the question here in cyberspace, maybe I'd hear some real honesty. So, here's the question:

What do you think about "friends with benefits" and why?

Weird stuff......

OK - how is this for strange: I've been divorced for over 7 years, didn't wear my wedding ring for over a year before that. Last week I was driving to work & all of the sudden I freaked out because I got that weird feeling like my ring was missing. I haven't worn a ring on that finger in over 8 years. Why would that happen all of the sudden? Kinda creeped me out. I don't really want to tell my best friend because she over-analyzes everything. It's just weird.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wow - long time since I posted....

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted or read any blogs. I really feel out of the loop here. What's been happening??........ well let's see........

Alien #1 turned 15 years old.
Ex-hubby is still stalking me after 7 years - get a life weirdo.
Alien #2 is only 12 & taller than me now too.
The only mouse out of the litter I adopted as mine, died.
My plant that I rescued from sure death at work - it died too.
I haven't killed my children yet.
Summer classes have me snowed under with work & that creates stress.
I'm supposed to student teach in the fall but I don't have my teaching assignments.
Financial aid told me I was SOL to get any grants or loans for the fall semester.
"The" relationship isn't moving along as I had hoped. Probably never will. Why do I bother?
Made a new friend & study partner in my class this summer.
Mom & Dad went to Costa Rica to see my sissy & her hubby - I didn't get a t-shirt.

Overall - things have been overwhelming & I've been feeling rather melancholy lately. Don't understand what's going on.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Babies Everywhere!

Here is a picture of our babies at 2 weeks! PorkChop is the little guy with his eyes open & Sparky is the tiny one in the middle. So far, those are the only two with names because they're the biggest & smallest of the 5 remaining mice (we started with 7). These are also the two that are out of the nest the most. I'm not sure why Sparky is so small, he's always on the top of the heap! Maybe he burns off all the energy staying on top so he doesn't get squished by his siblings. Either way, he's the tiny one and my favorite.

The little ones are all over the cage now & Spots (mommy) has to gather them all in the nest every time she wants to nurse now. It's kinda funny to watch. I'm trying to get a clear video of it so I can post it here. By this time next week we'll be able to tell boys from girls and can separate them into two cages.