Monday, August 04, 2008

Where has summer gone???

What a summer........... I've spent most of it working my butt off with not much to show for it except a cranky disposition.

My sister & family went to Costa Rica to visit her in-laws & check up on their home there. Just after school got out her step-daughter was given a puppy. I volunteered to watch it for the few weeks they were away from home (along with the ferrett). Sis got REALLY sick with a throat infection & couldn't come home last weekend so now we're babysitting the pooping-machine puppy (now 7 mos old) until mid-August. She really is an adorable pup but we're hiding her from the landlord because we're not supposed to have a dog here. It's been dicey a couple of times but, we've managed so far.

We were also supposed to go visit her in Missouri for a couple of weeks after they returned home. Since they arent' coming home on time (darn sick cooties! how dare they infect my sissy!) we won't be able to visit them before school starts.

Oh, well, at least we have central air so it hasn't been so bad this summer - we get a nice cool sleeping temp every night. And, of course, the puppy takes turns sleeping with everyone for a few hours each night before she wakes up & poops on my carpet.

We have taken some short video of the puppy so I'll have to try to upload it - she's too funny when she gets all excited & charges around the house bouncing all over the place. For all I complain about her, she fits in well with my aliens, she belches, farts, and snores more that both aliens combined! (Wow those farts will peel paint too! NASTY stuff for sure!)

On that note, have a lovely rest of the week............ :)