Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Long time, no read, or post....

Wow! Last post was in April - been a long time. School is out for me for the summer, aliens are done next week. I'm working over the summer, trying to find a second job.

Lost a dear friend of 27 years a week ago, was going to post here & Mom called to read me the obit from the local paper. Tragic end to a wonderful person. I'll miss being called "Shorty".

Hair is still growing - I'm up to 14" to donate to Locks of Love, trying for 16" before I cut it off. Will be interesting to see how long I can stand the heat this summer. Now the aliens are both going to let their hair grow out so they can donate the minimum 10" as well. I'm hoping to hold off so we can all three go in and donate hair together. Would be kinda cool in a way.

Hope everyone is off to a good start this summer.