Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mr. Kibbles goes AWOL

Well, the hammies are at it again, escaping from the cage & running wild through the apartment. Four days of Alien #2 crying, whining and in general carrying on as if the world was coming to an end. I still couldn't catch that little bugger.

So, Saturday afternoon I run over to the local Ace Hardware & get a package of live mouse traps. We get home, set the traps & I lay down on the sofa to veg out while the aliens are playing outdoors. I no more start to doze off in the middle of my afternoon movie when I hear little scratching noises coming from the kitchen. HA! Success!!

I walk in, look at the traps and they haven't moved. Nothing. Still, I hear the tell-tale noises of small feeties scratching around on discarded something-or-another behind the trash can. Slowly, I move the trash can & there she is, Mr. Kibbles. I swoop down on her with a plastic cup and deposit her safely back into her cage.