Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dad Is Driving!!

Well, not his semi but he can drive his car short distances, he's got the doc's ok to do it. I'm amazed - God is working miracles right in front of me. How cool is that?

Just a side note - sorry I've been so long winded the past couple of posts, seems to just come spewing out sometimes. I'll try to keep it shorter from now on. No one prob reads the long posts anyway. hehehe

Monday, May 30, 2005

Bad Hair Day(s)

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!!!

This post has nothing at all to do with Memorial Day.

Ladies, you will more than likely identify with this one because at one time or another, most of us have screwed up our hair with dye.

Ok, here's the deal.... I have medium blonde hair. In the summer, if I'm outside a lot, it lightens up to almost a blonde-white. Fine, no problem. Except when winter rolls around & my hair starts to grow out and then I have dark roots and everyone then thinks I bleach my hair. So, I thought this time I'd darken the ends of my hair (it's long) so when I put it up I didn't have really light hair on one end and darker hair on the other. Before I'd always dye the roots to match the ends, this time I thought I'd color it my natural color (darken the ends to match the roots).

What a mess!!! I got the medium blonde hair dye and went to work. When I got out & dried my hair, I almost died!!! MY HAIR WAS BLACK. I cried, I yelled, , I cried some more & then went to church that evening with my new "Goth" look. I could've died.

Today rolls around and I can't stand it anymore so I go back to the store, get a lightener to get the black out of my hair. I left it on an extra 10 minutes and what do I get? Dark reddish brown hair. I still look creepy but at least it's a color that goes with my skin tone and I don't have that "Goth" thing going on anymore.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Life is Changing....

Of course it is, it is constantly changing, we're always moving toward a goal (hopefully). Last Thursday's conversation with our new director really floored me. For those that didn't read that post, I was informed that we (my co-teacher & I) don't really teach anything to our class of preschoolers.

I have been praying for several months for God to show me what direction he wants me to take as I feel I am at a crossroads (again). I have prayed for a sign. I think the directors' comment was the sign I've been waiting for.

If I can get it all in place, I will be heading back to college this Fall. I had the qualifications and the education to teach preschool & didn't need the BA. So, I didn't bother. It's now time to do it.

I know our new directors comment is false, I do teach, I do make a difference however, I won't be doing it for her anymore.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Power Surge

I walked into work last Thursday and it was quiet.... how nice you say. However there is one problem, silence is something you NEVER hear at a day care, even at nap time.
We had a power surge the night before & the day care was closed for the day. We had electricians checking everything, the fire marshall was there, we had to have all the duct work cleaned out because of the smoky smell that permeated the building and of course our licensing agency, Dept. of Children & Family services (DCFS) was there to oversee it all. What a zoo.

The cords on the surge protectors that plugged into the walls were melted to the electrical outlet covers. So, the staff spent the day cleaning up, scrubbing walls where there was smoke damage, and general cleaning.

It was during this cleaning spree that the new director stopped in to talk with my co-teacher and I. After 30 minutes of discussing the new curriculum that my co-teacher & I were working on for next school year, I was shocked to learn from woman with NO background in education, that we didn't really teach anything in our classroom. I said nothing. I was too angry. As the old saying goes, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

I am seriously reconsidering my future at this preschool.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Satan's Escape Hatch

Somehow, the demon (AKA "Sparky the Hamster") has figured out how to get this latch between the cage and the wheel completely OFF the cage. She grabs the lip of it with her teeth and forces it up until it pops out of place and lands about 4 inches away on the table. Now she's working on pushing the wheel (attached in the same mannor as the cover) out of place which will give her a nice clean get-away.
This is the brand new, over-priced, escape-proof (HA!) cage I purchased exactly one month ago. I am soooooooo ticked-off.

Satan's Domain

Satan's domain - looks like a hamster cage doesn't it? Well friends, I'm here to tell you that what appears to be a cute little red hamster is really Satan himself. If it's not the devil in disguise, it must be one of his minions.

I have highlighted in red, the area that Satan uses as his escape route.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Dad is finally home.

Mom, at Dad's urging, left on a medical missions trip with a group from our church May 14th. Mom is a registered nurse. Our church took a group of 30 people (mostly doctors, nurses, dentists & optometrists) to Honduras. Mom's return date was May 21st. Dad wasn't supposed to be released from the physical rehab unit until May 25th at the earliest. Mom figured she'd go since Dad was really pushing for it and he was clearly out of the woods health-wise. She'd be home before he was released.

My sister came up from St. Louis to help me with running up to help care for Dad the week Mom was gone. The doctors sent Dad home last Thursday! Mom called from Honduras to let my sister & I know that hurricane Adrian had missed them (thankfully) only to have Dad answer the phone! They both got a big surprise.

So, Mom's mission trip was a great success, Dad is home and my little sister is back in St. Louis. However, by the time anyone reads this, baby sis will be on her way to see her hubby in Costa Rica. Hopefully by the end of July all the immigration papers will be cleared and he'll be able to come back to the States with her. That's been over a year process in itself & that whole mess could be enough to fill up 5 blogs for a year!

Work really stunk today but with everything else going so right, it's really easy to just blow it off and not care. The rest of the week at work isn't looking much better but, again, I couldn't really care less. I'm so excited that God has worked a miracle by healing Dad so quickly (even though he's still got a long road ahead of him) that the little stuff at work that usually makes me so nuts because it is sooooooooo infantile - it's just not getting to me today. Let's hope that lasts.

Anyway, happy Monday everyone.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hamster Hy-jinks

Well, with Dad on the mend, I decided it's time to post something else for a change. This however, happened the in the wee hours of the morning the day after Dad's accident.

Sparky (the aliens' hamster) is an escape artist. I've suspected for some time that Holly (the cat) has been helping Sparky out, but I have yet to catch them "in the act". Sparky tries from sundown to sunrise to chew through the metal bars of her cage. It's one of those cute "Critter Trial" over-priced cages with all the brightly colored plastic tubes and stuff you can attach to it.

Well, dear Sparky has figured out that if she chews on the little latch-type cage door hard enough and long enough, it will vibrate the door open & she's free. I was just lucky enough to be walking past the cage & saw the little beast in action so I popped her back in her cage. Then I took a twisty tie from the bread and twisty-tied the hairy little monster's door shut. HA! Now try to escape. I went to bed feeling VERY superior.

3:30 am rolls around & I can't sleep worrying about Dad. I got up, played a bit on my computer and as I was getting toward the end of the game I was playing, I saw something out of the corner of my eye & it wasn't the cat. Holly was sleeping on the back of the chair using my head for a pillow.

I get up to investigate thinking that we had mice again. What do I see? Sparky sitting in the middle of the living room floor looking at me!!! I scooped her up in the only thing that had a lid - a water bottle that clips on the kids bike frame - screw on the lid & put it on top of the stove.

As the water bottle is jumping around on the stove, I check out the cage. The only possible way she could've gotten out is to squeeze that fat, sausage body of hers INBETWEEN the bars of the cage. This is NOT a small hamster. The next day I go to the pet store and found a hamster cage that uses all the plastic tubes & stuff that we have but the main base of the cage is solid plastic with little air holes in it. Escape proof.

So now I have a $6.95 hamster that eats $8.00 worth of food each year trying to chew her way out of $60 worth of plastic. Something here just doesn't add up..........

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dad's on the mend!

It's been a few days since I've posted anything on Dad. Saturday he was moved out of ICU and today (Tuesday) he was discharged to a rehab unit at the nursing home where Mom works. He'll be in there with physical rehabilitation for a couple of weeks but he's doing great. To put this in a little better perspective, Dad wasn't supposed to be moved out of ICU until yesterday - and he's now in rehab working his way toward getting home again.

I said it before & I'll say it again - it's the power of prayer!

Thanks to all those out there in blogger-land that have been praying for us.

AAhhh................. God is good.